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LED Strip Dimmer With RF & WiFi Control Enables Smart Home Lighting

Strip LED dimmer is a control that's used to adjust the level of light and color and LED light strips. The most common is the dimmer PWM signal PWM output signal to dim the lights.

While equipped with an RF dimming interface, the control may be controlled by RF remote or mobile devices via WiFi.

Since there's an integrated RF or WiFi module at the dimmer to obtain RF or WiFi signal and convert the PWM to realize light intensity adjustment, color selection, and color run lively. This is an excellent solution for smart house lighting control. Read this article to know more about the wireless led tape lights with remote.

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Strip LED dimmer will be paired with the RF remote or APP-installed on iOS or Android mobile devices so that signs can be transmitted. This is easily done with the learning button on the dimmer. Signal transmission distance up to 20 meters.

There are numerous kinds of LED dimmers naked on the current market, you should select one that's compatible with your LED light strips. 

Generally, for the use of residential lighting, low voltage DC input of the most popular strips, by way of instance, 12VDC or 24VDC. This requires a DC strip dimmer and dimmer that need an additional power supply. 

Remote and APP activate zone lighting and scene lighting functions, which means users can install dimmers in various regions of the home to the different zones of the remote and control individually or simultaneously. 

This means that you can control the light in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom independently with only one remote anywhere. Scene lighting function enables the user to remember a scene that's been set differently for different areas and atmosphere.