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Types of Bulk Insulation


There are two types of bulk insulation. They are glass wool batts and cellulose fibre. Let’s look at the 2 in brief.

  1. GlasswoolBatts – Also known as fiberglass batts or blankets, the glass wool batt manufacturing procedure starts with melting of glass and then transferred to a mat of fibres. The batts come with different R-values depending on your choice. The glass wool batt is known to be flexible which can be cut by yourself or contractor. During the time of installation, it is important to wear a dust mask, long sleeved shirt and gloves as a safety precaution. Fiberglass blankets also come with foil backing that is used as insulation under the roof of a structure. This blanket is readily available which helps in keeping the moisture (condensation) at bay. If you wish to choose this type of batt, then you need to consider the gaps which define how effective it is going to be when it comes to insulation. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial not to leave any gaps. Keep in mind though, after the installation of this type of batt, dust or fibres do not get released however, there is no guarantee if it causes any harmful effects to our health.
  2. Cellulose Fibre – This comes in the form of shredded waste paper where the cellulose fibre gets pumped into the ceiling by the contractor. The cellulose fibre is blown according to the purchased R-value. This material though after installation can reduce with performance as time passes by. Moreover, there have been cases where a house caught fire after using this material for insulation.

Try getting rhino rockwool insulation as an alternative.