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The Power Of Citrus Essential Oils

Simply using orange essential oil can help increase energy levels and improve mental focus. Citrus essential oils such as grapefruit, orange, and tangerine have properties that naturally boost mood and energy. You can also look for the lemon oil through the web.

Liquid Orange Essential Oil

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The energy frequency, or "tone" as it is sometimes called in aromatherapy, the citrus blend is refreshingly energizing to:

* Improves concentration, especially on heavy mental tasks.

* Improve one's emotional mood and get relief from depression.

* Increases wakefulness and physical vitality.

An easy way to enjoy this natural lift is to put a tissue in your car that has citrus essential oil in it. Then, when you drive a car during the day, you naturally increase your energy. 

Some health food stores sell car diffusers that attach to lighters. This type of diffusion ensures a more intense effect. So make sure passengers are not sensitive to smells or headaches.

At home, you can also sprinkle citrus oil with a traditional candle or electric diffuser. In public places, just carry a napkin soaked in essential oil in a sealed plastic bag and inhale it occasionally.

This will prevent the smell from leaking into the air and affecting other people who might not want to smell it. Most citrus oils perform a dual role and act as a cleanser in addition to boosting energy levels and mood.

In this way, your home will be clean and shiny while increasing your energy levels and lifting your spirits at the same time.