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Searching for the Perfect Custom Rugs

The carpet can be virtually made for any design, using a number of colours and made to almost any shape or size. Skilled craftsmen were able to carve out areas of carpet to give them added depth and texture or to create a three-dimensional effect.

Most custom rugs made in wool, but there are a variety of quality to choose from depending on the budget.   Another with a bigger budget might want to have the whole carpet they are made of real silk or designs, are more expensive and time consuming process but provides a carpet that are more durable. You can buy best rugs online through

Another benefit of custom or bespoke rugs is that you can reach the luxury-end designer appeal for a fraction of the cost. While some high-end designer rugs can cost up to £ 1000 per square meter, custom carpet, although it may be more expensive than standard every day floor covering, can cost anything from one-tenth of that price.

Bespoke carpet designs based on the supplier either by the client or on an existing design or picture. The materials selected and the selected color, a reputable dealer will have a color box allows you to choose a color or wool and / or viscose.

After the design, color, shape and size of the deposit confirmed generally taken allowing work to begin. Custom hand-tufted carpets generally in countries like India or Nepal by skilled weavers and craftsmen, they take about 12 weeks to complete and arrive for the transportation method used by most specialists.