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Fat Loss Smart Mirror Monitor

When losing body fat, it is important to keep an eye if you are really getting rid of that unwanted fat and not precious muscles. Having accurate measurements of body fat can give a clearer image of one's fitness. This proves to be a more reliable indicator of health than simply watching one's weight with regular bathroom scales. So installing a smart mirror enables you to keep track of your daily activity along with doing your daily stuff like getting ready in front of the mirror.

If you are one who is very health conscious and need new technology to monitor your health and fitness, you should consider a smart mirror for health trackingFat loss monitor devices may come as a hand-held or with scales. This type of monitoring device makes use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

Smart mirror for health tracking

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As these devices are hand-held, so you need to keep these monitors handy all the time you are monitoring your weight as well as if you have to monitor activity you need to keep the device all the time with you. This can be a hassle some times.

While Smart mirrors make use of your phone's data and picture's all that data to a mirror with the help of software and hardware components attached to it. Most of the time we have our phones handy and you need not struggle to keep it handy all the time. 

Your phone keeps track of all your activity and passes it to software attached to the mirror and the mirror displays all the data and provides you with the best solutions and exercises that you need to practice with the intelligence that is fed to it in the form of software.