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High Tech Surge Protection Devices

Surge protection devices are typically thought of as the surge strips that we have our computers plugged into in our offices. surge protection devices are also in your power box in the form of breaker switches. All of these things are constructed for a single purpose, to provide a level of protection to equipment that is down the electrical stream by being able to cut off the flow. 

Computerized components can only handle so much electrical flow before their circuitry is damaged. They are constructed to only be able to handle a regulated flow that is typical across a home system, and when that electrical flow goes above that level during a surge, the SPD then cuts the flow instantly through a gapping procedure. If you’re looking for affordable surge protector breakers visit

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The way it works is that the surge protector allows the electricity to flow across it until a certain threshold is reached, at which point it is either snapped open or shut off, creating a gap that the electricity cannot flow across. This gap prevents damage to the circuits in the computer equipment.

Once a simple mechanical device, surge protection has now grown into the use of high levels of technology itself.  When something like a lightning strike happens, an immense surge of electricity follows which is capable of destroying almost any circuit-driven device. This surge of electricity is almost instantaneous, which means that the surge protection device itself must be faster, and be made of materials robust enough to not be destroyed by the surge itself. 

Over the years, the housings of SPDs have grown more robust, and they have become technologically advanced enough to now remain online and functional even after a surge incident.