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How Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Affects Their Teeth As an Adult

If you are like most parents, you might watch your child suck your thumb. This is a natural coping response where young children feel safe. Sucking a thumb often occurs during the baby stage when someone's baby teeth grow. During the round of the baby and young children, not much needs to be worried. This is during this stage that baby teeth began to fall and replaced with permanent teeth. Sucking a prolonged thumb (especially aggressive) can create dental and oral health problems in the coming years. You can find best thumb sucking glove online.

Dental problems

In the middle of your frustration with your child because they don't submit the habit of sucking thumb, you might accidentally state that your child's teeth will be destroyed forever because of bad habits. "You will mess up your teeth if you continue by sucking your thumb," You might have told your child. You might even threaten your child with the declaration that they will be crooked as an adult.

While it can cause bent teeth and jaws and not in harmony, most of these problems are handled and treated in childhood later through the year so that teeth are healthy and straight when children become adults.

The most common dental problems that can result in sucking your excessive child's fingers include:

· Overbite.

· Problems to eat and say words

· Jaws who are not in harmony

· Malformation roof mouth

· Premature tooth losses

· Temporandular joint disorders (TMJ)