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The Importance Of Using Weedkiller In A Safe Way

When used properly and safely, a weedkiller can be a useful and essential way of killing weeds and other unwanted greenery but it is also potentially harmful if it is not used properly or is intentionally misused.

The weedkiller is used by almost all gardeners and is one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world. Its popularity comes from not only its effectiveness but also the fact that it is available in many different types of product such as sprays, liquids, gels and granules.

To help make sure that you are using it properly, make sure that you follow the directions on the label closely, there are also some additional rules that it can help to be aware of.

Make sure that you disperse it in the volumes that are marked on the instructions of use. By using more weedkiller than is recommended, you are unlikely to increase its effectiveness but you are likely to make areas unsafe for longer than is necessary.

This is especially true if you are using it close to vegetation that you are growing in order to eat. Weedkiller can be poisonous if swallowed so by minimising its use near to edible crops this can be avoided.

If possible, purchase protective gloves to wear when applying weedkiller to prevent it coming into contact with skin and if using a spray in a windy area then it is also advisable to wear a face mask to prevent ingesting it through the nose and mouth.

Try to apply the weedkiller as near in proximity to the targeted weeds as possible; this will help to prevent it from blowing towards your face as well as blowing onto nearby vegetation that has not been targeted. It is also worth noting that if you have unused or unwanted left-over weedkiller it is illegal to try to dispose of it by drain so ensure that it is disposed of correctly.