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The Aztecs in National Geographic


This month, the National Geographic magazine publishes an interesting article about the discovery of the monolith of the goddess Tlatecuhtli . It’s always great news, that a magazine like National Geographic, of such prestige and worldwide dissemination, echo the exciting world of the Mexica. And it is that traditionally the magazine has concentrated almost only in the Mayan world. It makes sense, because the Americans had practically a monopoly on archaeological research in that area. The Mexicans themselves preferred to concentrate on the archeology of Central Mexico for decades, leaving the archeology of the south of the country for their northern neighbors. That is why the Maya are better known worldwide than the Mexicans. For the simple reason that organizations like National Geographic have more means to publicize the results of their research. For that reason, that the Mexicans are ported in this magazine is undoubtedly great news.

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