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The Difference Between Athletic Therapists And Physiotherapists

In the health profession, there are many specialties and knowledge. In the field of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular science, physical therapists are considered as one of the highly skilled technicians in this area. 

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, specializes in the study of the musculoskeletal system. Disorders found in the muscles, bones, joints, and other parts of the body that cause physical and movement disabilities are the primary focus of physical therapy. 

There are many types of physical therapy, and athletic therapy is definitely one of them. While most physical therapists focus on a wide variety of clients, from post-surgical patients to people with lifelong disabilities, sports therapists primarily specialize in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of people suffering from exercise-related injuries. To avail athletic therapy you can visit

Most of an athletic therapist's client list are mostly people with a fairly active lifestyle, as well as professional athletes.

Unlike physical therapists who employ a wide range of treatments depending on what is appropriate for their patients, athletic physical therapists typically have specific treatment programs developed especially for specific types of injuries sustained from various activities, whether sports related, occupational , injuries sustained in an accident, while doing recreational activities, or even injuries acquired while doing everyday things.

Even if it's just a sprained ankle that has prevented you from walking properly, an athletic physical therapist can put together a precise treatment program to help your ankle recover quickly and healthily. 

He can even give you some tips to minimize the risk of that injury happening again. But don't get me wrong, general physical therapists can also treat these types of injuries. It's just that these types of injuries are sports therapists' main kitchen, so to speak.