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The Role Architects Play During Constructions

The construction is a complex task and it is the duty of the architect to keep everything organized. From record-keeping of holding contracts to budgeting details to meet the deadline, their responsibilities are long and extensive. You can hire an architect for ‘wood architecture and design’ ( also known as ‘wood arkitekter og design’ in Norway language) of your house that can perform these key tasks:

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Draft Discussion

Before the design of the building or project is approved, the architects have to meet and talk with all the key members of the company or at home. These conversations ensure that all technical complications are cleared before construction begins. 

Project Drawings

Before breaking the ground for the construction, detailed and massive design drawings are made. It is the task of the architect to prepare them. The sketches give an available space inside the building and around it. Clearly, the design reflects the actual design of the project. 

Estimated Cost

After approval of the design sketches, a time scale is created with the cost estimated by the architect. It is one of the most vital jobs in the field because at any moment the price should be kept within budget. If the estimate exceeds the maximum investment, the architect needs to re-visualize the building and make new plans. It is important to note that the assessment of costs provided by the architect can vary according to need:

Marketing Promotion

The role of an architect does not end with the finishing of the building. They need to market, advertise and promote their buildings. He is taking their work to the public