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Understanding The Concept Of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is basically a single, credit-card sized computer. It has an ARM/Broadcom SoC (System on Chip) with a GPU, RAM and both wireless and wired connectivity options.

Industrial Raspberry Pi

Despite being originally targeted at educational uses, the Raspberry Pi is now used in many industrial applications. There is even a dedicated module — called ComputeIO — which is specifically targeted at industrial uses. It is a smaller form factor than the full-sized Raspberry Pi and has undergone compliance testing for European industrial standards.

As an example, Kunbus is an Open Source Industrial Computer (IPC) based on Raspberry Pi. If you want to buy high-quality Kunbus products, refer to

Open Source IPC based on Raspberry PI

Is Raspberry Pi Really Good for Robot Programming?

You might be wondering if such a small computer can really be useful for robot programming. After all, you can run RoboDK on a desktop computer or a laptop.

Example project ideas might include:

Using the Raspberry Pi as a dedicated robot programming station that doesn’t require another computer.

  • Incorporating sensors into your robot programming (e.g. vision sensors) which are not compatible with the robot controller.

  • Setting up a low-cost robot training centre with various Raspberry Pis so that several people can learn robot programming at the same time.

  • Incorporate AI into your robot applications for research purposes.

  • Using the RoboDK API to drive robots automatically from the Raspberry Pi.

The best way to get the most use out of RoboDK and Raspberry Pi is to get your hands on both of them and try them out for yourself.