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Use Chcoclate For Wedding Favours

Your wedding favours should be as unique as you are, and therefore you should try to use chocolate for them. The reason for this is that you need to try and make sure that you use a material that is molded to any specification if you really want something that is unique and different. You can get chocolate wedding favour via

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The joy of having chocolate is the fact that it is a crowd-pleaser, and it is also versatile if you take white chocolate, you can color it into any color that you want, meaning that you can also, therefore, make any type of favor that you want.

Chocolate is also great as a sculpting medium, so if you want your wedding favors to be very involved, then you should make sure that you get as creative as possible with your sculpting process.

The best wedding favour ideas

Here are some of the best wedding favour ideas that you can make with chocolate:


Truffle boxes: Everyone loves these decadent little treats and they are always a smash hit at every function, so if you package them beautifully and give them to your guests, you can consider it a win for yourself.

You can also get someone to make the actual truffle box out of chocolate. Chocolate boxes are also all the rage because they are edible and people tend to be fascinated by them, so this is definitely a wedding favour to consider giving.

Monogrammed discs: You could also give your guests discs with your initials on them as presents. This is great way for everyone to remember your special day as it was and to make sure that you have your wedding favours covered. A lot of people love the more commemorative favours and these are no exception.

Chocolate flower bouquet: This is one of the newer types of favours, but it is still just as effective. Actual flowers are constructed from modeling chocolate and put together in small bouquets, resembling that of the brides’ bouquet. This favour is both awe-inspiring and also very cool, so you may definitely want to give this one a shot, it is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.