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What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is rapidly becoming the talk of the alcoholic drinks industry. This includes everyone, from wine-loving beer enthusiasts to novices. What is craft beer?

Craft beer was established in the UK in the 1970s. It has seen an increase in popularity as more people become involved in craft beer. Craft beer is a handcrafted, chemical-free alcoholic beverage made from natural ingredients. Its popularity can be attributed to the move away from preservatives and mainstream brands for more artisan products that are brewed with smaller batches. You can find the best and right brewing company in Des Moines at

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What is it that makes this different from other beers? The term "craft" often refers to the way that brewing is done, and not the final product. These beers are more experimental than traditional beers and often have a wider range of ABV (alcohol percentage). The world's weakest beer is 1.1% ABV, while the strongest beer is 55% ABV. This is a significantly wider range than the standard 4% mild used in conventional brewing.

Craft beer can also include the use of unusual and extraordinary ingredients that aren't commonly found in mainstream beer production. Some craft breweries use raw, natural ingredients instead of chemical flavorings. Craft beer drinkers report that real ingredients are a big draw and make the beer more enjoyable than brews made with artificial flavorings.

Craft beer is not only different from traditional brewing in terms of its brewing process, but also by the way it markets itself. Craft breweries have a smaller influence due to their small advertising budgets. Although the UK market share for craft beer is only 2%, this may not be the case.