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Who should be the Custodial Parent in a Divorce?

Child custody is the legal right and responsibility of one parent to care for and manage a child during the parents' shared time. In most cases, child custody is awarded by a court based on what is in the best interests of the child.

To get child custody in Southampton, parents must meet certain eligibility requirements. Generally, parents who are married to each other or who have been living together for at least a year before applying can apply.

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A Custodial Parent is a parent who has physical custody of their children during a divorce. This does not mean that this parent is always the one who is responsible for raising the children, but it does mean that this parent is most likely going to have regular contact with them and will be able to make decisions about their upbringing.

The most common way is through joint legal custody, which gives both parents equal rights and responsibilities in raising their children. If either parent is unfit or unwilling to share custody, then an attorney may be able to file for sole legal custody or physical custody. 

The best way to begin building a case for custody is to speak with an attorney. An attorney can provide guidance on what steps to take and how to make the strongest case possible.