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Why Sharing Content Online Is Critical

So far, you understand to some extent the importance of not only providing excellent-quality content but also sharing your content with as many appropriate people as possible. The more you share your content, the better your chances of getting noticed.

Humans (at least most of them) need to exchange information with other humans. People don't live in remote places where no one exists. People relate to one another and interact and exchange ideas, which fuels their relationship. It's no fun getting excited about an idea (or maybe having good news about something) without sharing it with someone.

As technology is so advanced (and constantly evolving), it's getting easier to share all kinds of interesting and valuable information online. With the availability of online platforms like, anyone can share and discover ideas. The more valuable your content is, the more people will be willing to share it with others. Shareability is a very important factor for your business.

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When you provide content to other people, you strengthen your relationship with them. The more you give them, the more they will understand your reliability and credibility. Your online interactions are successful because the relationships you share with others are at the core of that success. There are many different reasons why people need to share information and how they do it.

Why do people feel compelled?

  • Defines you in the eyes of other people
  • Exposes other people to valuable and interesting content
  • Helps to strengthen and sustain relationships with others
  • Makes you feel good about yourself
  • Helps you to make other people aware of your business's products and services

In addition to why people have a need to exchange information, it is also important to be aware of the different types of online sharers and to understand a little bit about their motivation for sharing.