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Why Should We Use Dog Poop Bags?

Why should we use dog poop bags to pick up our dog's waste? There are many good reasons. Some of them are:

1) Common courtesy for our neighbors. How often do you step in dog poop and tracked into the house or into your vehicle? It's hard to get off of the carpet, is not it?

And it's also very difficult to scrape off our shoes. Courtesy and willingness good for all mean that if your dog does this, we must take care of it. You can easily order order dog waste bags in bulk.

2) Dog droppings pose a real threat to our water. It is environmental pollutants. Studies conducted in recent years put a third dog in the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters. Dog waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes oxygen in the water needed for fish and wildlife.

3) Dogs garbage is a health hazard. It contains 23 million coliform bacteria per gram and potentially heartworms, whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm.

These worms can live in the soil for a long time and easily transmitted to humans or other animals. Dog poop bags will safely contain and eliminate all these health hazards.

4) Dog litter is not a good lawn fertilizer. It is actually toxic to your lawn, causing burns and unsightly discoloring. So there are many good reasons to use poop bags to pick up pet droppings us.