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Enhance Your Home With a Timber Floor And Frames

Hard timber floors and frames are one of the most beautiful and durable options a homeowner can make. It increases the value of your home, whether you are building a new one or renovating. 

Prefabricated timber wall frames and floors are available in a variety of colors to match any color scheme you can dream of. Also, the timber natural atmosphere with its golden sheen goes well with any decor style.

Timber is easy to clean with a quick clean or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Spills can be cleaned in seconds without leaving a wet stain. Timber looks great in all rooms. It can be easily cleaned in the kitchen or dining areas where oil and food can leak. 

In the TV room, timber floors and frames are comfortable to look at and without reflections, as few vinyls can give. Bedroom furniture looks great against hard timber floors – and you can add a nice mat if you want to put your toes on something soft when it first appears. 

The timber can even be used in showers and washing machines if cared for properly to keep it moist. It is ideal for allergy sufferers because, like a carpet, no dust is left in the pile.

Timber floors and frames are great for summer walks, but they also provide good insulation in cooler winters. The timber is available in many natural shades, from pale ecru or sand tones to brown or dark brown or darker.