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What Causes Drain Clogging?

If you have a slow drain, there is a good chance that it is clogged. This can be caused by tree roots, hair, and other objects that get caught in the drain. If the drain is slow to clear after using the plunger or pouring a bucket of water down it, then it may be clogged. 

If the drain has stopped draining altogether, it may be due to an obstruction. Check for items that could be blocking the flow of water including clothes, toys, or large pieces of debris. If none of these things are causing the problem, then the plumber may need for clogged drain cleaning and fix the drainage system.

There are a few common causes of drain clogging. Some drain blockages can be caused by hair, grease, food, and other items that get stuck in the drain. Other causes include tree roots growing through the drainage system and heavy rainfall flooding the drains and causing blockages. If you notice any of the following warning signs, it may be time to have your drains cleaned: 

-Water overflowing from your sink or bathtub more than once per day

-Pipes that are constantly freezing or bursting due to frozen water buildup

-Unexplained gurgling or noise coming from your drains

-Loose tiles, rocks, or debris in your drains

How to Prevent Drain Clogging

If you have ever experienced a slow drain or had water pooling in your sink or tub, your drain likely needs cleaning. Here are some warning signs that require professional drain cleaning: 

-A slow drain that takes more than three minutes to clear after using the plunger.

-Water pooling in your sink or tub.

-Gray or black sludge builds up on the bottom of your sink or bathtub.

-Pipes that are visibly cracked, corroded, or have roots growing through them.