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Choosing a Kids’ Bookcase Wisely

A kids' bookcase can be an attractive addition to your child's room. You can find bookcases in various shapes and sizes. You can also find a storage bench or elephant-shaped bookcase. You can also find a book display at IKEA. All of these pieces are great for children's rooms, and they will make your child happy.

Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase

The Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase seen at is a stylish, sturdy bookcase that adds a touch of child-like charm to any room. Made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine, the bookcase holds 12-15 children's books on each branch and has additional storage between the branches. It attaches securely to a wall in any room of the house. It is also GreenGuard certified, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious homes.

Elephant shaped bookcase

An elephant-shaped kids' bookcase displayed on is an adorable way to give your child's room a unique look and feel. This three-shelf unit features nine cubbies for storage, and you can put toy bins in them or fill them with books. The elephant shaped bookcase is the perfect focal point for your child's room and he or she will love it.

Elephant shaped storage bench

Choosing an elephant-shaped storage bench for your kids' bookcase is a great choice for your child's room. Not only will the elephant look adorable on the wall, but it will also be a great way to keep toys and other items out of sight. The bench can even be opened up for easy storage of smaller items. It is also non-toxic and certified by the EU, which makes it a great choice for young children.

A kids storage bench can be used as an ottoman, a vanity pouf, or a side table, depending on your child's needs. A bench with two benches or two smaller shelves can be used as a bench with a changing table, a quiet reading nook, or a mudroom. It can even be placed in a master bathroom as extra storage.

IKEA book display

An IKEA kids' bookcase is a good choice for small rooms. Its low book display makes it easy for children to reach and select their favorite books. All the books are visible, so they can easily take them to their favorite reading corner. It also has an open shelf that can be used for storage or to place a few toys.

This bookcase comes with two open shelves and a drawer for storing toys or books. The shelves are within easy reach of your child, so they are easy to access and clean.

Homary 13-shelf bookcase

The Homary 13-shelf kids bookcase comes in a variety of colors. Its 13 shelves can hold books from head to toe. Its arched design softens the square look of traditional rattan bookcases. It also comes with a tip restraint kit.

Homary has a 30-day return policy and a friendly customer service team. You can also take advantage of coupons to save up to $400 off select items. The company ships products fast, and you can take advantage of their free shipping. They ship from China and usually deliver within two weeks.