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Difference Between Allergy Mask and Flu Mask

Many people are dealing with allergies and flu today. A recent survey has unveiled that the flu outbreak and allergy can be prevented with the use of surgical masks. Cold and allergy viruses found in the air droplets when someone with the infection is sneezing, coughing, or talking. People can inhale droplets and it can take the germs and bacteria from the object – such as a computer keyboard or phone – and then transfer it to the mouth, nose, or eyes of a healthy person. 

Allergy masks and flu masks can be the most effective way to stop this kind of health problem.  You can also buy the surgical mask through various online stores like

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There are some minor differences between an allergy mask and a flu mask such as:

Where To Use: If you already have the flu and need to visit a health specialist, put a flu mask to protect others in the waiting zone. However, you can use or wear an allergic mask anytime. You can use it regularly if you do not want to suffer from allergy problems.

Prevention Of Germs and Bacteria: Flu masks help to stop germs and they also block the transmission of germs from your hands to your mouth or nose. Allergy masks are best to prevent dust, pollen, air pollution, smog, and haze. The mask is also popular to prevent allergy germs and viruses. 

When to Use Flu Masks & Allergy Mask: Wear a flu mask before going near anyone, if you have the flu. On the other hand, an allergy mask is worn to stay away from allergic infections.

These are some of the differences between the flu and allergic mask.