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The Future of Property Investment In Dubai

Ask a real estate investor their thoughts to buying a property in the UAE, and the likelihood is their eyes roll skyward as they recall the days of properties increasingly up to 30% in one year. Halycon days for the short-term property investors, who apparently evolved. Read full information before making an investment in the Dubai property market.

In recent years the Dubai property market was characterized by rapid investment and sell quickly, and flipping properties has become the agenda. real estate investors only focused on capital appreciation, fueled by big incentives for developers and rising liquidity levels across the region. This demand-driven market led to high levels of capital appreciation, as investors thought about what would become Dubai.

Undoubtedly, Dubai has become a real estate market booming in recent years. Driven by building trust and demand, two powerful factors but ultimately necessary for the young real estate market. However, under the impressive growth statistics are a number of fundamental concerns, which would focus on the questionable sustainability of a growth rate of 30%.

In the investment and real estate circles, talk of a price correction was obvious as far as there are 18 months. Globally, concerns exist on the back of a culture more and more credit, the impact of which we see through the main financial markets at present.