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How to Stop Thumb Sucking By Your Child

Thumb sucking is one of baby's first coordinated actions for comfort and pleasure. Parents usually worry too quickly about how to end this habit in their children. There is no need to end this problem before the age of four unless parents notice problems with their teeth due to rough thumb sucking.

Why thumb sucking is a problem: –

1. Thumb sucking causes serious problems if it persists long after the permanent teeth have emerged. The problem gets worse if it continues after four and five years. To get rid of this habit, You can purchase thumb sucking prevention devices online via

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2. Suckling the fingers and thumbs for a long time can cause overfilled crooked teeth or bite problems.

3. The child may also have language problems or difficulty swallowing properly.

4. Dental malformations can affect the child's appearance and increase emotional problems. Most children grow from this behavior in preschool to the point of being relatively harmless. The best way to get your baby to stop feeding on your thumb is to find a way to help him.


  • Talk about the bad germs that are on our hands and how children put them in their mouths while indulging in thumb-sucking.
  • Carefully remove your child's thumb from their mouth while they sleep
  • Take special care of your child against conflicts or fears that cause thumb sucking. If so, help him find healthier ways to deal with stress.
  • Reward your child for progress toward his goals.
  • Draw something that tastes bad on your thumb, such as Vinegar or cucumber juice.