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The Importance of a Soil Testing

The foundation of a lawn is the health or texture of the soil. Soil is critical to the development of the lawn’s greenery. To develop that healthy and beautiful lawn, you must check if your lawn’s soil has all the ideal and important ingredients.

It provides you the foresight to understand what ingredients you would need to enhance your soil. You can also visit Bio Soil Solutions for more information on soil testing and analysis.


Who performs the soil evaluation?

There are many diverse options for getting your soil tested.

Home Soil Assessment – You need to conduct the soil test yourself in your home. Soil test kits can be bought through the regional garden center. This is considered the cheapest choice.

Neighbourhood Agriculture Office/Local University – You need to select a soil sample and send it to a local agriculture office or a nearby research university to be analyzed. This is an expensive method as compared to do a soil test yourself, however, it’s also a broader evaluation.

Use a Private Lab – You need to select a soil sample and send it to a private laboratory so, that they can analyze the soil. A research laboratory will offer detailed results as the local agriculture office or research university, but this is the priciest choice.