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How to Care for Hair without the Use of Expensive Products?


Everyone likes to look young and attractive. There are those who work-out 6 times a week in a gym while there are freaks that go one step beyond by undergoing plastic surgery. But the problem arises when people totally forget or ignore about their hair which later leads to hair falls, breakage, damage etc. Moreover, these people depend so much on expensive hair care products which later leads to more problems. Try these tips and you are bound to have a great hair without needing to depend on such expensive products.

  1. Eat Proteins and Vitamins – Protein is an essential part of our lives. Therefore, it is important to eat good source of protein that will offer nourishment and strength to the hair. Eggs, soy, lean meats are a few good examples of proteins. On the other hand, vitamins are equally important in case you are a vegan. OTC vitamin pills are easily available.
  2. Eat Carbohydrates – Protein and vitamin alone is not sufficient when it comes to protection to the hair. Ensure your diet includes good source of carbs.
  3. Get a Blood Test –Hair is easily affected during the time our immune system becomes weak from a disease. And moreover, medicines have a negative impact on the hair that can lead to breakage and damage. For such situations, it is best to get a blood test done to get better results.

Along with these tips, you should also consider getting soft keratin treatment at home. This product is considered to be budget-friendly.