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Your vending machine in the information age – online ordering system

However, the better answer is: buy a wireless router, connect it to a cable or DSL modem, and install "FREE wireless Internet access" in your window to attract more subscribers.

Even better answer: You are familiar with high technology. You can look at this site for more info and set up a nice network of computers (POS, surveillance cameras, etc.) at your restaurant and connect it to the internet so you can remotely access your system at home and check what's going on at midnight.

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Better yet, create a website for your restaurant and add business information, a menu, and some photos. Then when people call and ask where you are, you can simply and proudly say: visit our website.

All of these answers can provide you with something – a better environment, comfort, efficiency, customer loyalty, etc. But is it good enough? Can anyone really help your business – your sales? To provide you NEW ORDERS and NEW CUSTOMERS, not indirectly, but DIRECTLY?

The answer is an online ordering system.

At a time when over 74 percent of Americans are online and most people prefer text messages and e-mails to picking up the phone where you can buy almost anything online, it's surprising that most restaurants are always open. There are still orders like taking orders 40 years ago – by phone or from customers.

Here you might think that there must be a reason why most restaurants don't order online. Maybe people are not used to ordering food online.