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Different Kinds Of Pulse Oximeter?

The right choice of pulse oximeter could be the difference between effective health monitoring and ineffective health monitoring. There are a variety of pulse oximeters available on the market. The most effective way to describe how to pick the appropriate instrument for an oximeter is to break down the entire market into smaller pieces to make it easier for you. 

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 In essence, there are three kinds of oximeter devices. One is known as an adult finger pulse oximeter. These devices are specifically designed for those older and larger. The reason for the size is important is mostly due to how the device functions. In essence, the device is used to determine pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation, which is sometimes called SpO2. 

The models designed for children are for children seeking the device to track their pulse rate and their blood oxygen levels (SpO2). This could be the case in which the child is suffering from asthma, and consequently it is essential for him to be able to check his oxygen levels everywhere the child travels.

The final category is the hand-held pulse oximeter. These devices offer the same mobility as other types of devices, however they also have more advanced features. A unique feature is that the device has storage for data that allows it to save patient information up to 72 hours continuously. Utilizing a hand-held device you can record your vital signs directly onto the device and then transfer the information to your computer to analyze.