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Different Grades Of The Gemstones

We have summarized and evaluated the following for grading purpose:

The value of a gem is mainly based on its color. You can buy purple gem if required.

Here are the fundamentals you require:

Color of the Gems

There are a few main like yellow, blue, red, and a few secondaries, which are the result of blending basic like green, orange, and purple.

There are different kinds of colors available, blue-violet, yellow-green, red-orange, which are basic colors mixed with a secondary color.

When any is mixed with black, white, or grey, we require the definitions of tints, imbues, and saturations.


Saturation implies the quality of perception of gray of the same lightness. All grays generally have zero saturation. According to theory, complete saturation entails that there is 0% gray.


Imbue is a color believed to be green, yellow, and purple, etc, implying gray, black, and white have no imbue.


A color blended with white is a tint. A tint is less saturated and lighter than a color without the addition of white.

Tone and Color Grade

Color grade describes the strength of the main with respect to other colors visible in the stone. A 100% grade of blue for instance would entail that there are no other such as violet or purple visible in the stone. All these things will get reflected in the free gemstone report.

The grade of the gemstone astrology remedies is based on the purity of the basic. For instance, the greener the bluer the sapphire is, the redder the ruby, the greener the emerald, the lower will be the numerical grade on the AGL scale. The reason the 3.04 sapphire is a 3.5 in the sample is the reality that the stone has 65% blue as its basic.