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Why Is the Stand-Up Paddle The Ultimate Workout?

Rowing is a water sport that has grown in popularity in recent years. People use oars to move forward while standing on oars. Most of the time, he had to stand shoulder-width apart in the center of the board and run across the water with long oars.


Yes, rowing is a great sport. Some activities offer such a wide spectrum, from upper body training to footwork to basic strength development. At the same time, the intensity is also quite low and fun. You can check various websites our services section to get more details.

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Here's why you should skip the gym and line up for the nearest lake instead:

Rowing is very easy

Much of the appeal of the standing paddle lies in its seductive simplicity. It doesn't matter what height, figure, or fitness level you have. It's so easy that almost anyone can join.

Standing with the paddle burns a lot of calories

What you get out of a paddle with an oar depends on what you put in it; the more you do it, the more you will burn. But even a careless drunk can lose 430 calories in an hour, according to SUP World Mag. This is roughly double the amount you would burn at a moderate pace over the same period.

Standing with paddles is good for your core

Do you want to prepare your core and work painlessly off the board? Let yourself be guided by straightening the paddle. This is a great way to work your core through the steps because your abs are constantly working to help you maintain balance.