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Where Does Crime Happen in Canada?

Canada is known as a safe place to live. However, this doesn't mean it is 100% free from crime. Crime can happen in any country at any time- but it is not always easy to know what type of crime might occur in your area. 

You can also refer to to learn about some of the crimes that are more common in Canada today, and how you can stay safe and avoid them!

Crime happens in all parts of Canada, but it is most commonly concentrated in certain areas.

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According to the Canadian Crime Survey, crime is most common in the following provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador (29%), British Columbia (23%), Quebec (21%), and Manitoba (20%). In contrast, crime is least common in Nova Scotia (5%) and New Brunswick (6%).

In terms of major crimes, the most common offenses are theft (28%), assault (22%), and murder (13%). However, there are also a variety of other crimes, such as vandalism, and impaired driving that occur at a higher rate than average.

There are many factors that contribute to crime rates in Canada. Some of these factors include population density, socio-economic status, community policing, and availability of services.

One of the reasons why theft is such a common crime in Canada is because it can be done quickly and without much effort. Thieves often find ways to steal items from places where they are not supposed to be, such as unlocked cars or buildings.